Caption Corner

Sally and Keith Pulling were a matching pair with their new dragon tattoos at the Ken Ryall on Saturday 11th August.

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"Always hungry, a Western dragon will eat anything, but especially likes weak, young, human flesh” – so Hailsham bowlers can rest easy. 

"Don't mess with the girl with the Dragon tatoo". 

"They were on fire,"

"Are you allowed pets on the green?"

Simmons Cup

Ten bowls, two jacks and one bowler. What can you come up with for Goldie's photo? 

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"Sneak preview from the remake of ‘Callender’s Girl’ . . ."

"Join the dots...start here"

"Outdoor 10 pin bowling"

"I've looked under the other nine, so it must be this one"




Simmons Cup

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Photo by Goldie (Richard Goldsmith)

You are an imaginative bunch. Here are some of the printable captions.

"Ah, actually, when I said I had a bucket list . . ."

"I think they are digging for bait!"

"It's okay Fred. We've caught it!"

"A whiter shade of pail"

"Right said Fred. Both of you together. One each end and steady as you go."




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