Competition Secretary’s Report 2018

This year saw some of the best weather for bowls for many years & I am pleased to say that all competitions were completed on time. Although finals weekend weather was very warm & sunny it was again poorly supported by members. On both days there were almost as many members taking part, marking & scoring as there were watching!!

The Club Competitions had a total of 175 against 186 last year not bad considering the drop in membership.

The Comerford Trophy entries were the same as last year – 24.

Simmons Cup entries last year were 40 but the Competition was played on Charity Day after being rained off earlier in the season and this year there were 24.

Bob Price Shield attracted the same number as last year – 33.

This year’s Ken Ryall Trophy for couples saw the highest entry since the Trophy was introduced of 13 couples although this was reduced to 12 due to an injury.

For the final competitive event of the season The Non-Trophy Competition 8 Ladies & 12 Men entered last year compared with only 5 Ladies & 10 Men this year. For a Competition especially for new members & members who have not won anything these figures are very disappointing.

Returning to a comment I made in previous reports there were so few entries from the Ladies in the Club Competitions that if this trend continues some competitions will not have sufficient entries to run them. One lady said to me she felt it had not been a proper competition for her as she had reached the Final having played only 1 match.

I would like to return to a comment George Morrison said in his report in 2016 “We need to remember that all the committee members joined this club for one reason, to play bowls. So I don’t think it is right that when they do turn up to play bowls they are approached by members who complain to them about something or other, or something the committee has done. If any member has a complaint to make, or a different view from the committee, please put it in writing to the secretary and it will be discussed at a committee meeting. Just let them play and enjoy their bowls.”

There are many people behind the scenes who work hard making sure the Club runs smoothly & games go ahead. Thanks again to everyone who helped me & to the Committee as they more than anyone deserve our thanks when they make things happen, and when they make a mistake, or are subject to complaint, we should remind ourselves that they volunteered to do a job that probably no one else wanted. Please get involved as the Club  needs your help to ensure it runs smoothly.

I have enjoyed being your Competition Secretary & the challenges it brings for the last 6 years but I think it is time I stood down & let someone else have a go.

Thank you once again for your support.

Pat Smith


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