Fixture Secretary’s Report 2018

i to you all. Does not seem possible another year has gone around again.

I believe we have had a very good season with all our games in general. We have had minor changes early in the year with some re arrangements. I try my best not to make any errors, but I hold my hands up if it’s down to me.  I just need your continued support of myself in these instances. I have said before fixtures are arranged well in advance of the coming season. 

I have been working now for a while to get matches in place, so there will maybe be changes as we get closer to the start.

As you all know we do have a lot of games. I am trying to re-arrange a few matches if possible. This is to cut down on weeks when very busy.  This may sound easy, but once you change just 1 game, it becomes a bit of a domino effect.  Other clubs then have to do the same. 

As for the season in general all went well. We had 8 touring teams, which for us is excellent. Currently we have 3 for next year.  Maybe at this stage unlikely to get more, but you never know.  These touring matches go down well with our members, and supported very well indeed.  They’re normally completive , but plenty of chat and fun.  And at the end a drink and a good laugh with some of them, and what they do.  These are also very important financially .you will see this in the treasure’s report.

I don’t expect many changes for the coming season, only that the Commerford Trophy will be a week earlier, due to a WI afternoon on the Saturday June 1st.   We shall soon be starting our indoor sessions in January, with our game at Hampden Park on Sunday January 20th, followed by our meal, which is always very good.  Any changes to other dates you will be advised well in advance.  I know there is 1 change which you have all been given.  But will confirm with the other clubs shortly, just to make sure they have not changed dates due to their schedule.  Remember, these are provisionally arranged  well over a year in advance, so that we can get in fixture book, so maybe there will always be changes. 

I think that’s it from me.  Just to say this is not an easy job to do, I do enjoy however and hope to carry on for a while yet, given your support.

Thank you all

Eddie Jones


Our league season had a bit of a slow start;  we played OK but results would just not go our way.  We were therefore lingering at the bottom of the table.  We did however have a good end to our fixtures with a string of wins.  Notably our last match at Groombridge, who have been champions the last 2 seasons, with a fine win.  So they had to settle for third spot, Uckfield being the winners.  We ended up hafway in the table.


Finally we have our indoor season starting in January.  A number or re-arranged dates for these matches you will know about, but there is one other now.  That is at Edgerton Park which is now on Sunday March 18, and not Saturday March 17.  I am sorry for these changes but you must realise that they are provisionally agreed around 14 months in advance ready for printing of the fixture book.


That’s it from me and thank you.


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