(Club Captain, Hailsham Bowling Club)

Here at Hailsham Bowling Club, our season is progressing rather nicely.  All the good weather we have had, has played a great part in encouraging members to get out there and enjoy their bowling.

The green has been in superb condition throughout and thanks must go to 'H' and his team from Burleys for doing such a great job.  The comments we have received from visiting teams have all been complimentary, so well done lads.

The club is enjoying more success in our friendly fixtures and the win lose ratio has changed from 50/50 to 70/30 or there about!!  In the month of July we had good wins against Crowborough, Buxted Park, Crouch and Eastbourne Bowling clubs to name just a few.

On the domestic scene in the annual Ladies v Gents match, the Gents prevailed but only by the smallest margin. The lads know all about small.

The Simmons Cup pairs competition was won by Sally Pulling and Pat Smith, in a tight final with Frances Baker and Keith Pulling. Now we know who has bragging rights in the Pulling household !!!

The ladies singles competition, the Harris Bowl, went to Norma Dalgleish. Well done Norma, for coming back from injury to gain that success.

Unfortunately, the mixed triples event The Bob Price shield was cancelled due to a storm that left the green flooded and unplayable. However this competition has been rearranged for September 21st and will form part of the Presidents Charity day at the club.

In the Aubrey Crowe League, our Tuesday night get together, it is now the Owls who have thrown down the gauntlet and are top of the pile on 7 points and a vastly superior shot difference.

As I've mentioned before, I am a Dove! so beware Owls, the Doves are coming to gettchya.

All the club individual singles, pairs, 2 woods and 100up competitions are now at the semi final stage. Two of which were decided recently.

In the Ladies singles semis Jenny Bennett beat Norma Dalgleish, and Sally Pulling overcame Julie Wildman to reach the final.

The 2 Woods final will be contested by Frances Baker (who beat Mac Maclean) and (dare I say it) yours truly (who managed to get past Tom Dalgleish). Needless to say the bragging rights are currently shared in the Bennett household.

All the other semis have yet to be played and I will give an update in August.

Speaking of which, August 11th sees our first Barbecue and entertainment evening at the club. This has now been incorporated with a tour match in the afternoon against Witney Mills Bowling Club. That's where they make blankets and it takes me back to 1959 when I were nowt but a lad singing in a show starring Hughie Green. He gave away prizes and the big one was a full size Witney Blanket. How times have changed - now they give away millions!!

So that's about it for this month. I'll leave you with one little thought, and it's my favourite. Whether you are rich or whether you are poor, it's better to be rich!!

Happy Bowling


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