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Hailsham Bowling Club

Club Competition Rules

The Competition Secretary shall organise and supervise all Club Competitions with the authority to deal with any matter arising there from.

The draw for each competition will be made by the Competition Secretary using the computer. At least one other Committee Member may be present if possible to supervise the draw. If the computer is not used the draw for each Competition shall be dealt with a Committee Comprising - Competition Secretary and not less than Two Other Committee Members.

ALL entrants to Club competitions MUST be available to play on Finals Weekend – Usually the Last Weekend in August/First Weekend in September if successful. Any member not available to play on the above date should consider not entering these competitions.

All competitions are to be played on or before the closing dates determined for each round. These dates will be shown on the relevant Competition sheets displayed on the Notice Board. The Committee has ruled that in future the name of the Challenger is to be highlighted and he/she is responsible for putting forward 3 (reasonable) playing dates in a timely fashion. The dates offered should give at least 5 days notice if possible. If the person challenged cannot agree these or offer better dates, he/she will forfeit the tie. (Only with the agreement of the Opponent may the dates offered include a Sunday)

When a game has not been played by the given authorised Play by Date the Player or Players considered by the Competition Secretary to be responsible shall be disqualified.

The times for commencing Matches shall be agreed during normal hours of play. No Competitor shall be compelled to accept a time earlier than 6.00pm or later than 6.30pm.Players should be ready to start play on the agreed time. If Players are not ready to start within 30mins of the agreed time to play his/her Opponent shall have the right to claim a walkover. (In fairness to your opponent please check whether there has been a valid reason before claiming the game)

In the Pairs competitions, a reserve(s) may be permitted if needed to fill any team vacancy to ensure smooth running of the competition, any reserve so appointed shall be arranged only with the agreement of the Competitions Secretary. This reserve (substitute) can be used at anytime by ONE TEAM ONLY and may NOT substitute for any other team in the same competition.

Any dispute arising from any competition or matter requiring clarification shall be advised to the Competitions Secretary for consideration. Any such decision made will be final and binding.

All Competitions to be played under the Guidance of E.B.A, E.W.B.A and Sussex County Rules.

Individual competition rules so detailed are to be strictly observed.

Etiquette – Use of the same rink on the same day for any subsequent competition following prior use for whatever reason shall not be permitted, unless so mutually agreed between all competitors.



Singles competition – 4 bowls each player – first to 21 shots to win – a marker is needed.



Singles competition – 4 bowls each player – first to score 100 or more points is the winner

Shot bowl to count 4 points – Second 3 points – Third 2 points – Fourth 1 point

A marker is needed.



If tied for shot - end declared DEAD – no points awarded

If tied for Second bowl – shot bowl only counts – 4 points only awarded

If tied for Third shot – First & Second Bowls count – 7 points only awarded

If tied for Fourth shot – First, Second & Third bowls count – 9 points awarded


If on any end both players can reach 100, the end is played to a conclusion. Each player will bowl all woods as usual and all points on the end are awarded. If scores are equal at 100 or more an extra end is to be played and all points again awarded. If scores are still even, further extra ends are to be played on the above basis until a winner is achieved, so determined by a higher score.



4 bowls each, 21 ends. If a draw after 21 ends an extra end will be played.

No Marker needed.


AUSTRALIAN PAIRS – Open to Ladies & Men.

The names of all entrants will be added to the computer & a draw will be made .A pair may consist of two Ladies, two Men or one Lady & one Man.

4 bowls each player. 2 sets each of 7 ends.

No Marker needed.

Toss for Jack at start of EACH Set

End 1 - Lead player will bowl 2 woods followed by skip who will bowl 4 woods & then lead player will bowl final 2 woods.

End 2 - Skip will bowl 2 woods followed by lead who will bowl 4 woods & then skip will bowl final 2 woods.

This sequence will follow until all 7 ends have been played.

Second set is repeated in the same way.


Each set to be scored individually as separate set with the winning pair receiving one point. Should the set end in a tie half a point will be awarded to each pair. If after both sets have been played the score is equal A SUDDEN DEATH END will be played. The winners of this end will be declared the winner of the round.


If one pair has an unassailable lead during either set, then that set may be stopped immediately.